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Children's Discovery Trail: Diary of progress


October 2103: Digging out the pond that will become the Observation pond and deck.

January 2014: Digging and laying infrastructure around "Lilliput" in the Rocks, Soils and Plants station


February 2014 - the Observation Pond is starting to take shape  + works on the Path + more digging in the area of  Rocks, Soils and Plants station (including the restroom block there).

Observation pond                                                                                     Discovery path to the right of what will be boating stream

Path leading away from Rocks and Soils        Restroom block


March 2014: The discovery path is starting to take shape!  These are the concrete 'foundations'.


April 2014

Concreting of the path through the water and rocks and soils stations is now complete (right). The observation pond is coming on! The slats will support the wooden deck. And below, the restrooms are taking shape.


October 2014

Huge strides forward! The discovery trail is being coated with a final layer of ochre-colored plaster (the "Yellow Brick Road"?) and the observation pool in the water section is ready, bar observation accessories and plants. A new toilet block has been built for the water section area.





  • Temporary clocure Between 26.1.16 - 29.2.16 entry to the gardens will be through the entrance at Yehuda Burla 1 st. Entry through the tunnel is closed for renovation.

  • Temporary closure of the Dworsky Tropical Conservatory The conservatory is now closed to the public for renovation and expansion. The new-look conservatory, scheduled to re-open in 2016, will provide an even better visitor experience in future! Follow the construction works here!

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