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Tours scheduled  for 2015


Cyprus and Georgia will be our destinations in 2014! Hagar Leschner will lead will lead us in Cyprus (April 16-20) this flower-filled journey will take you through different habitats, from the Troodos mountains and the Valley of Cedars to the stunning Akamas peninsula. Dr Ori Fragman-Sapir will take the helm in Georgia (July 14-22). 


Fresh berries in Georgia



Walking tours March to May 2014


4            Tue        15:00     Walking Tour Blossoms of the Southern Hemisphere

9            Sun        07:00     Hiking Club Ramot Menashe Easy hike, with Hagar Leshner 

10          Mon       14.30     Botanical Tour Spring’s Climax

11          Tue        15:00     Walking Tour  To the Canary Islands & Mediterranean sections

18          Tue        15:00     Walking Tour Flowering Trees in the Gardens

25          Tue        15:00     Walking Tour Blossoms around the Lake

24          Mon       16:00    Coffee Club ALUT: Rehabilitation at the Gardens. Speaker: Ronen Salmon, Director of the                                                             Kishurim program for autistic adults. (This is the presentation that was scheduled for January and                                               postponed)

26          Wed      15:00    * Field Tour Trail of the Springs, from Hadassah   Hospital to Hirbat Sa’adim with Hagar Leshner 

28-29    Fri/Sat     07:00  Field Trip Spring in the North - The Hula Lake Overnight at  the Hermon Field School. With                                                                 Hagar Leshner                        

Switching to daylight savings time – note changes in hours!



1            Tue        16:00     Walking TourSpring Blossoms in Western Asia

8            Tue        16:00     Walking Tour Has spring come to Europe?

22          Tue        16:00     Walking Tour Peonies in the Mediterranean Section

23          Wed      14.30     Botanical Tour Plant Conservation

24          Thu        08:00     Hiking Club Canada Park with Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir

29          Tue        16:00     Walking Tour Spring Blossoms at the Gardens



11          Sun        14.30     Botanical tour Seeds and Perennials

13          Tue        07:00     Hiking Club Achziv Beachand Rosh Hanikra, Hagar Leshner

13          Tue        16:00     Walking tour Flowers of the New World

20          Tue        16:00     Walking Tour Blossoms in Europe & North America

21          Wed      15:00     *Field TripTour of the Railway Park with Hagar Leshner

26          Mon       16:00     Coffee Club:  Bach flowers remedies. Speaker: Aluma Glazer, nutritional botanist

27          Tue        16:00     Walking Tour Spring in Western Asia and the Mediterranean

All tours depart from the Visitor’s Center unless otherwise specified | The Coffee Club takes place in the Visitor’s Center Auditorium | Botanical tours are guided by the Gardens’ science staff | Walking tours, lasting around 90 minutes, are organized by the Israeli Friends of the Botanical Gardens or the Education Dept. | For further info, please contact Ilana at 02 6480049 or the Gardens’ administrator on 02 6794012. There are no walking tours on rainy days. 











  • Temporary clocure Between 26.1.16 - 29.2.16 entry to the gardens will be through the entrance at Yehuda Burla 1 st. Entry through the tunnel is closed for renovation.

  • Temporary closure of the Dworsky Tropical Conservatory The conservatory is now closed to the public for renovation and expansion. The new-look conservatory, scheduled to re-open in 2016, will provide an even better visitor experience in future! Follow the construction works here!

  • Reciprocal membership agreements Members of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens are also eligible for membership benefits at the Chicago and San Diego botanical gardens, thanks to a reciprocal membership scheme!

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